Nowadays serverless is the new buzz word and all our clients irrespective of their Maturity in the cloud are willing to invest or at least investigate in this area. There are some typical things that need to be taken into consideration

Start with something

The context of the form is irrelevant its just an entry point to see how these SPAs can scale to 5000 concurret request and run in S3 without a webserver

2. API gateway: A…

I know this sounds a bit strange but from my past experience what I have seen adding a simple word in the search criteria can make a lot of difference. I am sharing my experience what I have found to be quite effective in the last few years. I am not going to talk about using and, or operator, negation or some nifty developer trick to use google which is going to give you some filtered result, this is for the DevOps and cloud engineers, for funky developers googling trick you can Goole.

The trick that I find is most…

Let's face it there is no defined path to become a Solution Architect. A very organic and ideal way is to start as an application developer, then become a senior software engineer, to module lead to team lead, and then become an Application architect, and if still, you have gas left you to become a solution architect.

This approach does not work because of numerous reasons

I have got 7000 odd Linkedin connections and whenever I open my feed I see people posting a screenshot of certificates.

With the latest trends of 3X <4x <5X something like this…

Are 3 or 4 or More Certificates useful?

If we carefully look into AWS or fact of the matter any certification track of any of the popular cloud vendors we see something of similar line.

For AWS specialty certification, AWS gives an official guideline like below

Explore our role-based certifications for those in Cloud Practitioner, Architect, Developer, and Operations roles, as well as our Specialty certifications in specific technical areas.

Very clearly 3 or 4 or…

if a picture is worth thousand words, a live project is worthy of multiple certifications

As a moderator of one of the fastest-growing AWS Facebook Group, I wrote a post about why people should do projects than certification. This attracted quite a bit of attention and to follow it up I am writing about some of the places where people can get ideas about some AWS projects.

Why Live Projects matters the Most

Your employers want to see in real-time what you have achieved and if you have a live project under your belt below are the factors that will help you

Yeas all these resources are free. Of course, good things are never free as they say but in India, there is one term called “JUGAD” . It basically brings out the smartest persona of an Indian and it goes a long way.

How Jugad will work ( The best way to use the resources)

I am writing about the resources that I have used for my AWS Certification preparation. These are written in no particular order but for preparation we should use the below timeline

The Lex WebUi Repository

Off let I have been working on some Chatbot creation and for obvious reason, we have chosen AWS Lex for its capabilities. And while doing the quick google search came in as the most vetted repo.

Some obvious notable benefits of this are

And I did not know what I have got into unless I went…

Often I see people who are starting their AWS journey are looking for AWS Solution Architect as their first certification and stepping stone in the Amazon cloud world, these are primarily because all the famous training companies tell the below reasons


I recently went through a post from which titled like “We hire skilled AWS Solutions Architects, not just paper-certified ones” which was written by someone from Linux Academy.

The gist is obvious that certification does not make you a good hire you need to show case real knowledge.

True but are these organizations solving these problems? They are selling paid coursers and certification materials . Linux academy is telling of hands on Labs but there are some problems

Hands on Lab problems

From manual Tester to DevOp to Full Stack Cloud Native developer

Well back in 2007 when I just came out of college I had a job straight out of campus. Life was at peak for me then with 2.4 lac/year salary I was feeling like king. All I thought was yeahhh I have a job I can get a motorcycle and fly around with my friends. No need to get worried of my parents I am earning and with career in IT I will hit it big …in fact I was not thinking of hitting at all.

As goes with…

Subrata Fouzdar

Nodejs AWS enthusiast , wanna be digital nomad

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