What Linux Academy and A cloud guru is not solving

I recently went through a post from which titled like “We hire skilled AWS Solutions Architects, not just paper-certified ones” which was written by someone from Linux Academy.

The gist is obvious that certification does not make you a good hire you need to show case real knowledge.

True but are these organizations solving these problems? They are selling paid coursers and certification materials . Linux academy is telling of hands on Labs but there are some problems

Hands on Lab problems

  1. These are sandbox and most of the things you do not have access
  2. These labs are rudimentary to crack any interview
  3. It is not customized to your background
  4. These are not enterprise level solutions
  5. In real world you will work in a part of a real time implementation not whole of it and moment you tell this interviewer will get that you have only POC experience

A Possible solution

Get certificated it’s your ticket to the interviewer

  1. Use YouTube free materials (Save some money I will tell you where to spend)
  2. Take at least 3 practice test form AWS Official Site (Money well spent)

Use this for free practice test yeas it’s my website but it’s free techcloudonline.com

3. Take the exams again and again and reverse engineer your knowledge and get the certification

Cracking AWS interview

The situation in the blog I mentioned above where interviewer are asking about subnets and IGW …just tell them if they go too deep that you learnt this for the certification and have forgotten. Tell the part of the solutioning that you worked on

Some real-life project ideas

For CSA guys

  1. Create a Lex chatbot connect it with AWS connect, make sure you are keeping the chat history and call history using Kenesis, transcribe and Dynamodb. Use comprehend to do sentiment analysis
  2. Create an API gateway with custom Static and Dynamic authorizer, use stage variable to create different version for Dev, Stage and Prod and use template to transform the response. Use Node js
  3. Try to respond RFPs for a migration project , how did you propose a solution for migrating from NTT data center to aws

SysOps guys

  1. In DevOPs front , AWS code star , code deploy is not matured and hardly any one is using it . you pick up one example form Github, https://github.com/aws-samples/aws-lex-web-ui for reference. Configure it,it is basically deploying a code from github using aws devops services in a S3 bucket which is hosting a Lex chatbot. You don’t need to know the Lex chat bot part you just know how DevOps services are working, open evert part in this implementation and explain this as your real time experience.
  2. Create an example of terraform or cloud formation and integrate with Ansible to create the infrastructure and they provision the application using Ansible


1.Use of AWS Amplify in react https://github.com/dabit3/aws-amplify-workshop-web

2.Use aws Texract and Comprehend to get text out of PDF and create an accessible form using that (This is what I am working on now)

Interview tactics

1 . Research about the interviewer and try to drag him in your court, no matter how experienced he may be unless he is “Mr Jeff” bar it’s unlikely he will know all the AWS services

2. Always remember you only tell you worked on a very small part of the actual implementation on the entire project

3. White board practice the architectural diagram of your project

4. Always talk about scale

5. Don’t mix your certification experience with your actual project experience clearly tell you learnt on your own while preparing for the certification but you did not implement this part in your project even if you know the concept.


I have been a student of both LA and ACG but i did not gain much hands on knowledge from them and day by day I see there is a market of paid dumps and certification material which I want to break so I have created tehclodonline.com a community for free aws knowledge

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